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Rakudanoyu, named for the camel-shaped rock that sits in front of it, is as good as it gets. At the right time of day you'll have this idyllic spot all to yourself: just you, the water, and a stunning view of islands, fishing weirs, and seabirds. This bath is two nicely maintained pools that collect fresh mineral-laden water directly from where it gushes out of the cliffside, and while there is a small changing room, there are no other facilities, so make sure to visit the toilet before you arrive.

Getting here is part of the fun -- you take a water taxi around the tip of the peninsula through a series of small islands that might easily have inspired ancient silk paintings. The bath itself is free, but the water taxi ride costs 1500yen per person; however, you won't mind paying since the ride is quite beautiful. Salt-stunted pines peek through the mists, birds float on the updrafts -- the 10 minute boat ride is a beautiful prelude to the bath itself. This is supposedly a swimsuits-to-be-worn bath but this may primarily be due to the fact that sightseeing boats swing by to look at nearby Camel Rock and its doubtful the couples and grandparents on the boat want to be distracted by a bunch of bathing foreigners. If you're suitless (the best way for a bath to be) just stay down in the bathwater should a boat arrive. But don't miss the chance to visit this sublime spot. It ranks among the simplest, and the best, in all Japan.


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